Superior Samples

Test & Try a Sample of Superior™ Gutter Guards on
Your Home Today!

See why Superior™ Gutter Guards is the smartest choice in gutter protection with it’s “smart” raised screen technology.

Superior™ can eliminate the 1, 2, and 3 factors:

  1. Redirects Water Pulling the Water Down into the Gutter.
  2. Lifts Leaves and Debris Up and Off the Gutter Guard.
  3. Protects your Home from the Elements (Harsh Weather, Insects, Rodents, etc.).

These 1-2-3 factors solve the problems that no other gutter guards could. Superior™ Gutter Guard is designed to fit on gutters (Fascia Style, K-Style, and others) with two installation options to fit most roof types. This 8″ long sample of the Superior™ Gutter Guard is designed for the D.I.Y. homeowner; east to install and easy to trim corners.

The patented design technology draws in more rainwater and repels leaves providing your home with years of protection and peace of mind that every homeowner deserves. The aluminum and stainless-steel design is simple and easy to install that will last a lifetime; protecting your gutters all-year long.

Superior™ Gutter Guards really do save you Time, Money, & Frustration while protecting and beautifying your home. See the YouTube Superior™ Product & Install Video by searching for Superior™ Gutter Guards.