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Superior™ Gutter Guards is the new
leader in gutter protection.

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The new generation of flawless design and outstanding function is balanced with being very affordable and is the key success in Superior™ Gutter Guards. Simple to use, Easy to install, Best performing frameless gutter guard, period! Superior™ Gutter Guards - nothing looks better; nothing performs better!

The patented design looks great on any home and protects gutters better due to the raised screen pattern. Three reasons why the raised screen pattern work the best is:

  • The raised pattern slows the water down and draws it through the screen and into the gutter.
  • The raised pattern lifts debris up allowing the water to flow throught the gutter guard into the gutter, allowing the debris to dry off quickly and blow off the gutter guard aiding in the self-cleaning aspect.
  • The unique pattern adds strengthens the mesh making it the frame and filter in one.

The BEST features of Superior™ Gutter Guards are that we are local and family owned company and our product is Designed and Assembled in the USA!

Product Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Screen

  • Aluminum Rails

  • Handles High Water Flow

  • Deflects Leaves

  • Totem-Top Pattern Raised Screen


Clean and practical design improves a home's curb appeal, compared to ugly metal or plastic covers.


Easy to install with a magnetic setter and self-tapping hex screws. Superior™ is also easy to maintain.


The stainless steel screen and aluminum rails make Superior™ Gutter Guards both rugged and long-lasting.

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