5-INCH Style Gutter Guard | 48-FT Kit

Superior Home Pro™ Gutter Guards 48′ Kit for 5″ Gutters.

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Superior Home Pro™ 5-INCH 48-Foot Kit Exclusive on Amazon
(included in kit: self-tapping hex screws, magnetic setter, and instructions)
Individual pieces are sold through our website.

See why Superior Home Pro™ Gutter Guards is the smartest choice in gutter protection with it’s “smart” raised screen technology.

Superior Home Pro™ can eliminate the 1, 2, and 3 factors:

  1. Redirects Water Pulling the Water Down into the Gutter.
  2. Lifts Leaves and Debris Up and Off the Gutter Guard.
  3. Protects your Home from the Elements (Harsh Weather, Insects, Rodents, etc.).

These 1-2-3 factors solve the problems that no other gutter guards could. Superior Home Pro™ 5-INCH Style Gutter Guard is designed to fit on 5-INCH gutters (Fascia Style, K-Style, and others) with many installation options to fit most roof types. Superior Home Pro™ 5-INCH Style Gutter Guard is designed for the DIY homeowner; easy to install and easy to trim corners.

The patented design technology draws in more rainwater and repels leaves providing your home with years of protection and peace of mind that every homeowner deserves. The aluminum and stainless-steel design are simple and easy to install that will last a lifetime; protecting your gutters all year long.

Superior Home Pro™ Gutter Guards really do save you Time, Money, & Frustration while protecting and beautifying your home. See the YouTube Superior Home Pro™ Product & Install Video by searching for Superior Home Pro™ Gutter Guards.

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Dimensions 48 × 5 × .5 in

10 reviews for 5-INCH Style Gutter Guard | 48-FT Kit

  1. David Kessler

    First I must say I researched the products available before buying. The Superior Gutter Guards are well made out of stiff Stainless Steel and in my opinion they will outlast the cheaper Aluminum products. The guards came in three foot panels packaged in 48′ increments. I had priced the brand LF and for almost 200′ installation the price was astronomical. This kit is easy to install and well made. I had to rent a boom lift to install 54′ on the second story of our house and this made things fast and easy. The instructions are clear and the tools needed are minimal they even include the driver bit and almost enough self tapping screws. It helps to have extra self tapping screws on hand when installing. Clean out the gutters for the last time and seal any joints then start. I’m 69 so I don’t like ladders, the boom allowed me to install the first 54′ in about an hour and the entire 184′ in less than a day. the installation looks good and is working well so far. Also the very fine mesh won’t allow the small twigs that cause our plugging problems even the asphalt pebbles just wash off.
    Overall a very well made easy to install product that if you call the company they can tell you about any professional installers in your area.

    -David Kessler (Amazon.com)

  2. Haley Green

    These are the exact same gutter guards the gutter company was going to charge $2000+ to install and we were able to do our whole house for less than $500. It did take about a week of spending a few hours a day working on the project – since it is around 90 degrees out we couldn’t do much more than that. If it was cooler it could have been completed much sooner! Excellent buy and we finally have working gutter guards!

    – Haley Green (Amazon.com)

  3. Roberto Samfuego

    I just finished installing these gutter guards and I am very happy with the product, installation and instructions. I have old 4” aluminum gutters and these worked just fine. You simply slide it under the shingles, push the front lip up against the gutter and screw it down. The included screws and hex head drill bit worked great. The self-piercing screws required no drilling. I am happy the bit was magnetic too or I would’ve lost a few screws. For pieces smaller than 4’ these gutter guards were easily trimmed with tin snips. I recommend wearing gloves as the unframed ends are pretty sharp.

    I cannot say how easy these would install on a roof other than composite shingles. I also cannot say how these hold up to heavy downpours. While we get a lot of rain in the Seattle area, heavy downpours are pretty infrequent.

    Overall this is a great product and easy to use for any basic DIYer. Order these! You’ll save a ton of money versus a company installed version and you won’t regret it.

    – Roberto Samfuego (Amazon.com)

  4. unknown

    Been looking at gutter covers for years. Finally decided on this kit. Installed over 40 feet in less than two hours. Corners and ends are the only part that takes any time (besides moving the ladder). Video on the website made those easy. Straight sections go on in seconds. Had heavy rains and saw lots of debris that passed over.

    – unknown (Amazon.com)

  5. whtsituya

    After years of climbing on the roof to blow out our gutters I decided it was time to get some kind of gutter covers. A few years ago I got a quote from a respected company and was floored by the cost and not impressed by the product, so continued to blow out. We’ve got big trees close to the house that drop a lot of leaves and seeds and acorns onto the roof and into the gutters which clog the down spouts. After a ton of research and looking at what some friends have installed on their homes and how effective they were, and how outrageously expensive, I chose these Superior Gutter Guards.
    If your get a quote from Xcompany you’ll be floored with the ridiculous cost. It’s like someone gave them license to rip people off. So decided to buy and self install. I’m 70 years old and a fairly good DIYer but found these guards to be as good or better than any leading brand, much, much cheaper, [just get an estimate from Xcompany], and to be easy to install. Watch the YouTube video. Now I’ve got a ranch style house with no 2nd or 3rd story gutters so not danger off killing myself. For an average home, they are quite easy to install, especially if you are a bit younger and spryer. I haven’t had any heavy rains yet so can’t swear how good they will perform, but I am confident they’ll work as good or better than others that might cost as much as 10 times what these do per linear foot installed. You could even find a local handyman to install lots more reasonably. We are in a drought so no rain, but as the leaves are already coming down, I see them blowing off the roof instead of going in the gutters. Hooray, no more climbing on the roof.

    – whtsituya (Amazon.com)

  6. Unknown

    Been looking at gutter covers for years. Finally decided on this kit. Installed over 40 feet in less than two hours. Corners and ends are the only part that takes any time (besides moving the ladder). Video on the website made those easy. Straight sections go on in seconds. Had heavy rains and saw lots of debris that passed over.
    – Unknown (Amazon.com)

  7. Ken S.

    Looked at a couple dozen solutions to replace my hard screen covers. Hard screens were arched which lead the water over my gutters and down the side of my house. There are several Yutube videos about what works and what’s a waste of time.

    These are mesh to keep out fine debris and the ridged pattern directs the water into the gutter. They go on easy. They provided plenty of screws, unless you mount them against the facia Plus a bit for the electric screw driver.. I’ve had them installed for two months with several heavy downpours and they work superbly. My problems are over and no more ladder work.

    If you buy these, please wear eye protection when attaching the screws. That’s the only tip I can add

    A great product. Highly recommended. 5 Stars.
    – Ken S. (Amazon.com)

  8. Willy G.

    I really like this stuff. High quality, durable, fairly easy to install. Does take a bit of patience, time and metal cutting and shaping to have a quality finished product installed. Just installed but looks great, feels durable and definitely keeps all debris (including pine needles!) out of the gutter. I did double up on the number of SS screws supplied for a better install. Time will tell, but it should survive the leaves, twigs, pine cones and needles that have been a pain in my gutters for years requiring multiple dangerous trips to the roof to clean out every year. I hope it survives the ice and snow this winter. Price is very competitive compared to DIY stores and easily looks to be superior to the rest in design. I am putting it on both my homes as a safety, convenience and investment issue. Highly recommended.
    – Willy G. (Amazon.com)

  9. John A. Thich

    Highly recommend this product. The one installation issue is if the roofer put nails close to the edge of the roof. They will interfere with getting the edge of the leaf guard over the tar paper and under the shingle…this makes for a more laborious installation. I used a putty knife with a line drawn across it to show the minimum depth needed and ran that along the tar paper/shingle line to make sure the section of leaf guard I wanted to install would insert without any problems. Separating the shingle from the tar paper, section by section, made for a quick installation if no nails were present…otherwise I used a saws all to cut the nails. As others have said, professional installation of leaf guards run many times the cost of these stainless steel guards!
    – John A. Thich (Amazon.com)

  10. Darrell

    These are mostly flat and less likely to get clogged like a lot of the Plastic one’s. The design pressed into the stainless steel mesh helps them stay more rigid than flat mesh and the aluminum edges make them easy to cut where needed. Use Quality WISS tin snips (Made in USA)
    Easy to install if you have flat tar and sand shingles. Be sure to place them under the last row of shingles but On Top of any moisture barrier.
    I put some on the gutters of my home that has a convoluted Spanish tile roof and that required some bending but once I figured out the best way it was a snap. This is Not Rocket Surgery !
    If you are not to scared of working on a ladder I recommend these over getting ripped off by the people who put so much into advertising on TV and have full page adds in magazines and newspapers.
    – Darrell (Amazon.com)

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